Saturday, March 14, 2009

Women and Shoes

I had surgery on my feet and I went into a deep depression. Not because my foot was in a cast for two months and not because after the cast I had to go to physical therapy for another couple of months. My depression was from my great concern of not being able to wear my collection of shoes that I pride myself on accumulating. I had consulted with my doctor before the surgery about my concerns. I remembered him telling me my issues should be the least of my concern as the surgery is vital to my health. I remembered saying "Will I died if I don't have this surgery because I really don't want anything to affect me of not being able to wear my shoes" For women who are into shoes their shoes are one of there prize position. Of course we are not talking about the regular old practical everyday shoes. We are talking about the diva shoes, the stilettos, the four to five inch shoes. The OMG I must have these shoes, the oh my they are a wee bit too high but I look good in these shoes. Women will buy shoes like it's a piece of art. We will pretty much buy shoes in a auction type environment if they'll let us. If you tell a woman that she can't wear these type of shoes any more she will pretty much do almost anything to make it not so. A women will wear a six inch pair of shoes in a marathon to make it not so, she will probably stop eating chocolate for months to make it not so, She would even watch football with the guys over shopping to make it not so.
For all the girls who belong to the sisterhood of shoes club we will tell you that this is so. Now I don't know why women have this strong passion for shoes it's just so. Maybe this could be some science project for someone to analyze. All I know is that a great pair of shoes always brighten up a gal day.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sobrina I finally got a round to reading your blog I love it but the shoe one is the best I can relate. Keep it up.