Sunday, March 29, 2009

What the $^%$^%&*(^*

I saw a teenage boy the other day with his pants almost down to his ankle. I could see how far his black and white flannel boxer goes and he actually had on a belt dangling around his pants that could have securely kept his pants around his waist. He was walking like a penguin because his sagging pants was restricting the movement of his feet. The following day I saw another one with half of his butt completely exposed, crack and cheek for all to see. My eyes are tired of all this visual abused from these type of images, from young men and dear I say it some fully grown men. What does this type of dressing really mean. Someone told me it's fashion. Another told me it's the Hip hop culture. Who ever started this fashion trend is an idiot and should have been thought of as such, and this "oh it's the hip hop culture," If this is the product of the hip hop culture then maybe we should work on remaking it or if this doesn't work we should get rid of it all together. What good can come from these young men wearing their pants like this?

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