Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is the song on your Ipod worthy?

I was on the subway the other day and I notice that almost every other person was listening to their Ipod. I shared this with my co worker and she admitted that she listen to hers on the way to work also. We started to compare notes on what we were Listening to and how much songs we had on our Ipod. She had over two thousand songs and laugh at me when I stated that I had only two hundred and fifty five songs. Do I really want to have two thousand songs on my Ipod? I don't even know two thousand songs that I like. Choosing songs for my Ipod is and on going process I am always listening out to be reminded of songs that I call Ipod worthy. I choose songs for my Ipod the same way I choose my fruits, carefully. I have to love the song, I have to be able to listen to these songs over and over. After all these songs are being whispered and sometime blasting in my ears for hours in a day it's only natural that I carefully choose what's being transmitted.
They say that the songs you listen to tells a lot about a person. I am a big Bob Marley and Jill Scott fan. I have over Fifty Bob Marley songs and two of Jill Scott entire album and I listen to them daily. (I don't know what that tells about me.) My friend have a wide variety of music and stated she chooses what ever she gets her hands on. She stated that her Ipod is like an experiences for her it allow her to listen to music that she wouldn't normally listen to. How do you choose songs for your Ipod?


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. My precious grey matter is like a sponge. If I can help it, I want it to sponge up good clean water not some other kind of water.

Monifa said...

I definitely agree - "pick your songs like you pick your fruit" because I too have to LOVE a song before I buy the album or download it and I looooove music.

However, at the risk of being a "spoil-sport". I do have an ipod, but I tend not to use it in public, particularly on the train or in situations where I need to be alert as to what's going on around me. Too many times I've had to say "excuse me" to some well meaning passenger that simply ignores me or so I think...instead they just didn't hear me because of the earphones. Once, a fight almost broke out on the train aright behind someone that was listening to their ipod, oblivious to what was happening a foot away. Even on the street, listening to an ipod, a pedestrian may not hear a screeching car heading their way as they step out into the street humming the chorus of their favorite Little Wayne song. I guess in a way I'm being a bit sterile about this whole thing but I'm so glad you raised the point because its been on my mind for some time. Ipods belong on a beach, in a park, or during a lunch break or on vacation. Sorry! I guess I'm just old fashioned.

THANK YOU!!! :)nice topic...

Anonymous said...

I purchased an Zune in 2007 and was very disappointed with its performance. First, I had problems with the headphone which was minor. After I changed the headphone, the next problem was that the instrument wouldn't work. Unfortunately for me I didn't thought of sending it back to the Microsoft since I was still under warranty....I waited a couple months too long. So I missed that opportunity.

I like music from different genres, and would have downloaded music that I like from the various genres if my Ipod didn't break. Before it broke I had several gospel ablums, RB, jazz and movie sound track. My ipod didn't last long to allow me to put some of favorite reggae artist Dennis Brown, Beres Hammond, Third World, Steele Pulse to name a few on it.

When my Ipod was working I seldom listen to it on the subway, my Ipod was my walking buddy it gave me a vibe and help me to work out better.

I truly believe some people on the subway listen to their music too load, which at times hurt my ear. Yeah, my ear start to pain me remembering how load some people play their music. I always believe one of the benefit of having your own headphone is that other people would not be disturbed by it? Not to mention when some people choose to sing along while they are listening...sometimes it is funny.

Anyway...on a serious note I just hope most of us don't go deaf from listening to our music too load...

Happy listening! Good topic