Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Untreated Illnesses

A friend of mind told me that there are alot of people on his job who are suffering from untreated illnesses, then I thought about my job. Isn't it easy for most of us to make this case about most of our co-workers. I sure can. There have been some very colorful interesting co-workers on my job, current job and jobs I've had in the past . We all share our lives outside of our family with all different kind of people from our jobs, churches, school and other outlet. We spend many hours and intimate time with these people. I think most of them are colorful as I like to call them. Let run down all the memorable and colorful ones.

How about the co-worker who wear the combat boots with the Jesus t-shirt, blue jean, black blazer and the matching Jesus tie to go with the onsamble daily, No matter what the season.

How about the one who you always have to be mindful of when talking to them because they are super sensitive and you don't know what you might say to hurt their feeling.
How about the one who comes into work with the bright cherry face reeking of alcohol and everyone pretend not to see or smell it .

The incompetent manager who don't respond back to hello, good morning.

The girl who always wear her clothes two sizes too small. The girl who is always on a diet and constantly trying to convince everyone that the reason why she can't loss the weight is because she suffer from big bone syndrome. The gay guy who struggle with coming out the closet. The girl who all the guys whispers about that she easy and sleep around with anyone who will have her. The guy who everyone knows that it's only a matter of time before he 's call out for sexually harassment for his habit of creeping up behind you and smelling the back of your neck claiming he want to guess what perfume your wearing.

I like this phrase that my friend gave me. " Untreated Illnesses" I'll refer to most of these people as such. People who are walking around with untreated illnesses. What would you call them?


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. We have a lot of people like that here in the Post Office.

tim said...

I've noticed similar things at my place of work. We have a lady that says she's been pregnant for 11 months.

Anonymous said...

lol sobrina funny. you are a crazy girl. I have to admit that you had me thinkin about my job