Friday, March 20, 2009

Catching up

My computer is secretly trying to to take over my life. The modem on my computer went bust a couple of days ago and I was unable to use it for about four days. I can't believe that I actually miss using the computer. I'm not really a super user with the computer. I don't have that much commitment schedule on the computer (beside from my blog and the deleting of my junk email) that forces me to be on it everyday. Non the less I miss it. It's possible that I was annoyed at the fact that I didn't get to blog about A.I.G The PIG. I didn't get to express my outrage when this little piece of news came out.
A.I.G= A bunch of Incompetent Gorillas. This issues with AIG giving millions of dollars in bonuses to all their executives, some of whom who doesn't even work at the company anymore is OUTRAGEOUS. Why would a company that's technically in bankruptcy giving out this kind of bonuses. A company that had to rely on tax payers money in order to stay a float. They had the audacity to respond in defend by stated that they were under contractual obligation to pay out these bonuses. Isn't A.I.G a big part of our financial melt down? Didn't they lose all their money? Shouldn't all these contracts be voided? What maddest!!!!
I wish more people would take to the street with how appalled they are at this maddest. I wish more people believe that they can make a real different in society and that they have the power to shape the type of world they want to live in. They can actually make the powers that be, accountable for what they do. We can't leave certain things to our politician and our media outlet. We must start being more proactive. Until then we will continue to sit back, watch and listen to more maddest daily.

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