Monday, September 5, 2011

Being Bless and highly favored

I am a big believer of: you are what you think about and what you feed your brain. I love motivational quotes, inspiring books, movies, anything that will push one to the next level anything that helps one to overcome adversities. I thrive off these kinds of things it is a part of me. So much so that my favorite phrase is "I am bless and highly favored all good things happens to me." I want to share a story that happened to me when I was in college living with many roommates.

I was very hungry coming home late from work one night. It was about 11:30pm. I was sitting on the subway wondering what in the world was I going to eat when I got home. I had 25 cent in my pocket so I couldn't stop and buy anything to eat, I got off the train and was walking towards my home going over in my head what I had in the house. I had a can of sardine but I ate that the night before, I had some crackers for sure, maybe I can have that with some tea. No, I threw out the crackers because I saw a mouse in the cabinet a couple of days back so I had gotten rid of the crackers....... As I was running through all of this in my head I heard someone yelling my name I looked back and it was an ex-boyfriend of mind. I really didn't feel like chatting I was hungry and I just wanted to get home drink a glass of water at this point and go to bed. I pretended that I couldn't hear him calling me. I speed up my walking a bit hoping he would stop calling and take the hint.

He caught up with me from running all the way down the block touched me on my shoulder and said "hey" He held his head down to catch his breath and said. "Hey, didn't you hear me calling you, come let me buy you dinner." I stared at him as I stood there. Then he started to walk hinting for me to follow him. I stared at him some more. "Come on" He said. I guess I was a little frozen or I wasn't moving so he gentle held one of my hands and pulled me towards the restaurant. "You still don't eat meat," He said "Of course you don't I don't think you will ever eat meat again" He said smiling. I continue to stare. We got to a vegetarian restaurant, he ordered something he knew I ate, handed me the food, then turn to me and said “Have a good evening” kissed me on my cheek and ran off. I watched his image as he ran off with the food in my hand and realized that I did not thanked him for the food and I did not open my mouth not once during the entire incident. This is brief description of one of my many incidents of being Bless and highly favored all good things happen to me.

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